Daniel Vik
926 Genter Street
La Jolla, Ca 92037

(858) 337-9775

To whom it may concern,

My background includes over six years of designing and implementing embedded software components comprising high performance algorithms. My solutions have resulted in several design wins for my company. In my current position as principal software engineer I am working with the next generation products and I am involved in making software and hardware decisions as well as designing the software platform that will be the foundation in the upcoming products.

I have a big interest in the technology involved in music production and audio emulation. In my college years I played on and co-produced two CD records and now I am the coordinator and main programmer of blueMSX, an application that emulates an old 8-bit MSX computer with very good audio capabilities for its time.

I am confident that my skills will make a valuable contribution to your organization. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to share more about my background.

Thank you for your consideration.


Daniel Vik