Daniel Vik has passed the following courses and been awarded the following degree at Uppsala University, in accordance with the Decree of July 1, 1993 (No 100) concerning studies at Swedish Universities and University Collages.

Degree awarded Date
Master of Science in Engineering
(Major in Technology)
Courses passed ECTS Credits Grade

Technology in Society 3.75 Pass, no credits given
Calculus 20.7 Pass with credit
Algebra and Geometry 9.3 Pass with credit
Business Administration 3.9 Pass
Vector Analysis 2.85 Pass with credit

Technology in Society 2 5.25 Pass, no credits given
Numerical Analysis 19.5 Pass with credit
Theory of Functions 15.3 Pass with credit
Mathematical Statistics 6.3 Pass with credit

Simulation and Operations Research 4.5 Pass with distinction
Stochastic Processes 4.5 Pass with credit

Thermodynamics 4.5 Pass
Computer Architecture 4.5 Pass
Algorithms and Data Structures 6 Pass with distinction
Operating Systems 4.5 Pass
Digital Image Analysis 4.5 Pass with credit
Electrical Measurements 4.5 Pass
Speech Analysis and Synthesis 7.5 Pass with distinction
Mechanics 15.75 Pass with credit
Electro Physics 21.3 Pass
Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks 4.5 Pass with credit
Computer Networks 4.5 Pass
Environmental Technology 3 Pass, no credits given

Computer Graphics 7.5 Pass with distinction
Modulation, Demodulation and Coding 6 Pass with credit
Data Security 7.5 Pass
Distributed Systems 4.5 Pass with distinction
Software Engineering 3 Pass
Time Continuous Signals and Systems 4.5 Pass

Information Technology 5.55 Pass, no credits given
Quantum Physics 12 Pass with credit
Degree Project 30 Pass, no credits given

Digital Technology 4.5 Pass with credit
Real Time Programming 4.5 Pass with credit