Lotus F3 is a brand new rally game for the 8 bit computer system MSX. The game is developed by Daniel Vik and Vincent van Dam and pushes the limits of the old computer system to its breaking point.

The game has three modes, single race, championship and time trial. In the first two modes the player competes against three computer driven cars and in the time trial mode, the player races against a ghost car driving the best lap so far.

After each race, a code is shown that contains information about the race and the race time. The player can enter the code on the game website and have the time ranked against other players.

The graphics engine developed for the game is the first ever full screen multidirectional scroll engine for the system. The enigne makes it possible to do a smooth scrolling top down view of the race track.

The sound engine is also custom made and provides realtime phase distortion synthesis which is never heard on the system before. The songs are a combination of the PSG and SCC sound chips.

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